Current Employment Opportunities:



Internships (Costume, Hair, Production Center, Sound, Stage Management, Wardrobe)

Professional Assistantships (Marketing, Development, Education, Technology)


Seasonal Security

Concessions and Operations


Director Assistant

Production Assistant

Scenic Charge Artist

Scenic Artist

Production Center Assistant

Costume Designer Assistant

Costume Crafts Head Artisan

Costume Crafts Artisan


First Hand


Costume Shop Associate

Costume Shopper

Costume Rentals Coordinator

Wardrobe Assistant

Wardrobe Day Work/Stitcher

Wig Dresser

Properties Designer

Properties Artisan

Microphone Dresser

For general employment submission, please fill out our general job application:

Broadway Sacramento is an equal opportunity employer.

Thank you for inquiring about employment opportunities at Broadway Sacramento. All applications and resumes received for open positions will be forwarded to the appropriate hiring personnel. Those received for other positions will be reviewed and kept on file for consideration if applicable positions become available.

For information about volunteer opportunities with us, please visit our Volunteer page. Thank you again for your interest in employment with Broadway Sacramento.