Leave a Legacy

You can help ensure a future with live professional musical theatre in the Sacramento community enjoyed by your nieces, nephews, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A future with families creating memories together at Broadway At Music Circus and Broadway On Tour performances. A future with children and teens discovering their passion for the performing arts through Broadway Sacramento’s arts education programs.

Your legacy gift can help make this future possible.

How can I become a Producers’ Circle member?

All of us, regardless of age, wealth or affiliation, can leave a legacy. Your legacy gift of any size can be customized and structured to fit your family, lifestyle, finances, and dreams and wishes. Simply let us know you have included Broadway Sacramento Foundation in your estate plan, and you are automatically recognized as a member of our Producers’ Circle.

Steve Kyriakis & Matt Donaldson

“As enthusiastic arts patrons, we feel passionate about helping to preserve the magic of Music Circus for future generations. By including the Broadway Sacramento Foundation in our living trust, we join all Producers’ Circle members who are proudly committed to keeping the arts alive in Sacramento.”

Kay Resler

Pictured with daughter, Kimberly Resler Niccum, & granddaughter Kaileigh Davis

“The performances at Broadway At Music Circus and Broadway On Tour are an integral part of my life, and I’m delighted to leave a legacy to keep them happening in our area.”

Jaxie & Steve Smith

“Supporting Broadway Sacramento Foundation through a planned gift is not something that just wealthy people do. We take nothing with us when we leave this earth. We should make sure that what we leave behind goes toward the core values we embraced while we were here.”

Leaving a legacy to Broadway Sacramento is simple

What you leave behind is woven into the lives of others. By leaving a financial legacy, you can assure the traditions and institutions that mean so much to you today will exist for future generations. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of the Producers’ Circle membership and potential tax advantages now. Your name will appear on our website and in a playbill, and you will receive select event invitations

Ways to leave a legacy

  • Bequest in a will
  • Gift of life insurance
  • Gift of IRA or pension funds
  • Gift of cash or assets (stocks, property, art)
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Gift Annuity

Zheyla Henriksen & granddaughter
Margaret Kane, Rick Frey & daughter

How do you want to be remembered?

Your gift through your estate is more than a personal financial decision. It is your statement about what you value in life. Choosing to design a future gift for Broadway Sacramento Foundation will provide quality musical theatre for families for years to come while creating a legacy that inspires your own family and friends.

Producers’ Circle Members

  • K. Randall Alston
  • David Austin & Edward Schauberger
  • K. Kevyne Baar
  • Rose Banninger
  • Sally Besser
  • Bill & Robin Bevier
  • Paul & Carole Bossenmaier
  • Katie Braverman
  • Allison & Glen Cagley
  • Alfio & Mary Caniglia
  • Jack & Harriette Carr
  • Brian & Jennifer Casper
  • Thomas & Tamara Comfort
  • Joe & Brenda Crotts
  • Susan Dakuzaku
  • Jim & Mary Diel
  • Matt Donaldson & Steve Kyriakis
  • Jeffery H. Farley & Michael W. Tentis
  • Griff Field
  • James Fitzpatrick, Jr. & Peter Walsh
  • Rick Frey & Margaret Kane
  • David Galasso
  • Rod Moy & Rebecca Gardner Moy

  • Ken Galett & Sandi Redenbach
  • Phillip Gibbons
  • John W. Gill
  • John Goralka
  • Jabe & Journey Hammond
  • Tracy Harrison
  • Kathleen Hart
  • Jane Hiromoto
  • Laura Mattice Hunter
  • Lonnie R. Johnson & Thomas Pellham
  • Mike & Karen Jordan
  • James Kantola
  • Craig & Lori Kaufman
  • Mr. & Mrs. W. Robert Keen
  • Chris & Charlie Kirby
  • Gloria Knopke
  • Sean & Pamela Lehmann
  • Richard & Davida Leong
  • Richard & Joann Lewis
  • William & Betty Loftus
  • Dennis H. Mangers & Michael Sestak
  • Elizabeth McClatchy
  • Bob & Patricia Mutchler
  • Rebecca Newland
  • David L Norene, MD
  • Steve & Bobbie Odehnal
  • Karl & Carolyn Okamoto
  • Pete Pavey & Tony Miller
  • Frank & Bev Prigley
  • Kay Resler
  • Mark Riggle & Ron Gomez
  • Gary & Rose Marie Rominger
  • Martha & Brenna Scheier
  • Steve & Jaxie Smith
  • Rob Stewart
  • Millie Stone
  • Donita Stromgren
  • Jim Thompson
  • David Townsend
  • Michael Ueltzen & Kerry Manske
  • Steve Kuhn & Carol Van Bruggen Kuhn
  • Marcia Van Court
  • Mark Viviano & Randy Triezenberg
  • Allyson Warr & Ken Poole
  • Paul & Denise Watts
  • Peter Weight
  • Dr. L. Steven Winlock
  • Shane J. Wright
  • Anonymous (2)


Mike Tentis & Jeff Farley

"We chose to include the Broadway Sacramento Foundation in our estate plan because we just can't imagine the Sacramento region without the numerous benefits of BWS programs. Broadway At Music Circus is where we had our first date in 1991 and ever since our lives have been enriched beyond measure by the magic that occurs on BWS stages."

David Austin & Edward Schauberger

"We wanted to give a gift to others. A gift that will keep giving. When arranging our estate planning, we included the Broadway Sacramento Foundation. It was a simple decision. We hope our gift will give countless others the opportunity to experience art we love—theater."

Mark Viviano & Randy Triezenberg

"Broadway Sacramento has brought quality entertainment to us year after year.  Remembering BWS in our estate plan is our way to keep musical theater alive in Sacramento for future generations to enjoy."

Sandi Redenbach & Ken Gelatt

“We included the Broadway Sacramento Foundation in our estate plan because we love theatre and want to make sure it is here for future generations.”

Jabe & Journey Hammond

"We've included the Broadway Sacramento Foundation in our estate plan because we love theatre and wanted to ensure it thrives for generations to come."


For a confidential, no-obligation consultation with an estate planning expert to discuss how your estate gift may fit with your overall plan, please contact us for a list of recommended professionals in your community.

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