Broadway Sacramento is committed to the presentation of quality theatrical productions to enrich the cultural life of the greater Sacramento region, the state of California, the United States and the international community. The goals of the organization are to preserve and expand the American musical theatre as an art form by educating new audiences and nurturing aspiring artists.


Broadway Sacramento is committed to staging stories with universal appeal and understands the essentiality of representation in all aspects of its operation. To that end, Broadway Sacramento will:

  • Prioritize diversification in its casting and in the recruitment of its leadership, staff and seasonal employees.
  • Seek to produce and present titles from the Broadway canon that speak to the widest possible audience.
  • Pursue education programming that both expands access to the performing arts and encourages a more diverse community of future theatre makers.
  • Identify and abandon any aspect of its work culture that is not fair and inclusive.
  • Foster open communication among its employees and audiences to better understand and serve a changing world.

Broadway Sacramento welcomes feedback from anyone seeking to join in these efforts and help it create a better organization.