Broadway Sacramento is committed to the presentation of quality theatrical productions to enrich the cultural life of the greater Sacramento region, the state of California, the United States and the international community. The goals of the organization are to preserve and expand the American musical theatre as an art form by educating new audiences and nurturing aspiring artists.


In reflecting on and discussing the unjust murder of George Floyd – and the counted and uncounted victims that have preceded him – we have also contemplated the role Broadway Sacramento has played in leading to this moment and the role it needs to play going forward.

The performing arts have a unique opportunity to underline our common humanity and, subsequently, a responsibility to do so.  The too frequent absence of diversity in the stories Broadway Sacramento has told and the people we chose to tell them has contributed to society’s collective failure to see ourselves in one another.

Broadway Sacramento wants to be part of the solution.  We will increase our efforts to incorporate more members of color in our work, educate a more diverse next generation of theatre practitioners, foster a more universal audience, and welcome your ideas of how to be better.

Black Lives Matter to Broadway Sacramento is more than a statement.  It is a promise.