Broadway Sacramento

West Side Story

JANUARY 24 – 29, 2012

Broadway On Tour presented at the Sacramento Community Center Theater

Original Director/Choreographer: Jerome Robbins
Broadway Director: Arthur Laurents
Director: David Saint
Choreography Reproducer: Joey McKneely
Music Supervisor: Patrick Vaccariello
Scenic Design: James Youmans
Costume Design: David C. Woolard
Lighting Design: Howell Binkley
Sound Design: Dan Moses Schreier
Wigs & Hair Design: Mark Adam Rampmeyer
Make-up Design: Angelina Avallone
Original Broadway Co-Choreographer: Peter Gennaro
Orchestrations: Leonard Bernstein
Orchestrations: Sid Ramin
Orchestrations: Irwin Kostal
Arrangements: Stephen Sondheim
Arrangements: Patrick Vaccariello
Arrangements: Garth Edwin Sunderland
Music Director: John O’Neill
Technical Supervisor: Brian Lynch
Music Coordinator: Michael Keller
Production Stage Manager: Eric Sprosty

Action: Jon Drake
Anybodys: Alexandra Frohlinger
A-rab: Clay Thomson
Baby John: Christopher Rice
Big Deal: Nathan Keen
Diesel: Casey Garvin
Graziella: Kristen Paulicelli
Hotsie: Kirstin Tucker
Mugsy: Jessica Swesey
Riff: Drew Foster
Snowboy: Harris Milgrim
Tony: Ross Lekites
Velma: Karolina Blonski
Zaza: Laura Irion
Alicia: Alicia Charles
Anita: Michelle Aravena
Bebecita: Dani Spieler
Bernardo: German Santiago
Bolo: Jeffrey C. Sousa
Chino: Jay Garcia
Consuela: Dani Spieler
Consuela: Alicia Charles
Federico: Eric Anthony Johnson
Fernanda: Kathryn Lin Terza
Inca: Dean Andre de Luna
Maria: Evy Ortiz
Pepe: Michael Scirrotto
Rosalia: Gizel Jimenez
Tio: Waldemar Quinones-Villanueva
Doc: John O’Creagh
Glad Hand: Stephen DeRosa
Krupke: Wally Dunn
Lt. Schrank: Mike Boland
Ensemble: Karolina Blonski
Ensemble: Alicia Charles
Ensemble: Dean Andre de Luna
Ensemble: Lori Ann Ferreri
Ensemble: Laura Irion
Ensemble: Eric Anthony Johnson
Ensemble: Kristen Paulicelli
Ensemble: Waldemar Quinones-Villanueva
Ensemble: Michael Scirrotto
Ensemble: Jeffrey C. Sousa
Ensemble: Dani Spieler
Ensemble: Jessica Swesey
Ensemble: Kathryn Lin Terza
Ensemble: Kirstin Tucker
Swing: Lauryn Ciardullo
Swing: Ryan Ghysels
Swing: Tim Hausmann
Swing: Nicole Hellman
Swing: Thayne Jasperson
Swing: Patrick Ortiz
Swing: Alexandra Blake Redelico
Swing: Kirstin Tucker
u/s Action: Tim Hausmann
u/s Action: Nathan Keen
u/s Anita: Alicia Charles
u/s Anita: Lori Ann Ferreri
u/s Anybodys: Lauryn Ciardullo
u/s Anybodys: Laura Irion
u/s Anybodys: Kirstin Tucker
u/s A-rab: Ryan Ghysels
u/s A-rab: Thayne Jasperson
u/s A-rab: Eric Anthony Johnson
u/s Baby John: Ryan Ghysels
u/s Baby John: Thayne Jasperson
u/s Baby John: Eric Anthony Johnson
u/s Bernado: Waldemar Quinones-Villanueva
u/s Bernado: Michael Scirrotto
u/s Bernado: Jeffrey C. Sousa
u/s Big Deal: Casey Garvin
u/s Big Deal: Thayne Jasperson
u/s Chino: Dean Andre de Luna
u/s Chino: Waldemar Quinones-Villanueva
u/s Consuela: Alicia Charles
u/s Consuela: Dani Spieler
u/s Diesel: Ryan Ghyels
u/s Diesel: Tim Hausmann
u/s Doc: Stephen DeRosa
u/s Doc: Wally Dunn
u/s Fernanda: Lauryn Ciardullo
u/s Fernanda: Kirstin Tucker
u/s Glad Hand: Wally Dunn
u/s Glad Hand: John O’Creagh
u/s Graziella: Karolina Blonski
u/s Krupke: Stephen DeRoza
u/s Lt. Schrank: Stephen DeRoza
u/s Lt. Schrank: Wally Dunn
u/s Maria: Lauryn Ciardullo
u/s Maria: Kathryn Lin Terza
u/s Riff: Casey Garvin
u/s Riff: Nathan Keen
u/s Rosalia: Lauryn Ciardullo
u/s Rosalia: Kirstin Tucker
u/s Snowboy: Ryan Ghysels
u/s Snowboy: Tim Hausmann
u/s Tony: Harris Milgrim
u/s Tony: Christopher Rice

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Accessibility Listing

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