Music Circus

The Wizard of Oz

JUNE 21 – 30, 2013

Broadway At Music Circus at the Wells Fargo Pavilion


Director: Glenn Casale
Choreographer: Dana Solimando
Musical Director: Jeff Rizzo
Costume Designer: Leon Wiebers
Scenic Designer: Scott Klier
Associate Scenic Designer: Jamie Kumpf
Puppet and Scenic Designer: Richard Bay
Lighting Designer: David Neville
Sound Designer: Robert Sereno
Hair, Wig and Makeup Designer: Christine Conklin
Flying Sequence Designer: Paul Rubin
Animal Trainer: William Berloni
Properties Designer: Michael Peters
Production Stage Manager: Craig A. Horness
Assistant Stage Manager: Katherine Cannon

Dorothy Gale: Emily Walton
Aunt Em: Heather Lee
Uncle Henry: Doug Carfrae
Zeke: Jamie Torcellini
Hickory: Shannon Stoeke
Hunk: Jim Walton
Miss Almira Gultch: Jacquelyn Piro Donovan
Toto: Nigel
Professor Marvel: Bill Nolte
Glinda Good Witch of the North: Heather Lee
Munchkin: Ben Ainley-Zoll
Munchkin: Jonna Batten
Munchkin: Nikole Faring
Munchkin: Hadley Granger
Munchkin: Lindsay Hatch
Munchkin: Olivia Ingram
Munchkin: Nathalie Keller
Munchkin: Nina Kneitel
Munchkin: Jackson Margolis
Munchkin: Elana Jane Sogard
Munchkin: Noa Solorio
Munchkin: Megan Spangler
Munchkin: Emily Trnka
Munchkin: Casey Wathen
Mayor: John B. Williford
Coroner: Zonya Love
Lullabye League: Jeanne Marie Jacobsen
Lullabye League: Junior Company
Lollipop Guild: Andrew Wilson
Lollipop Guild: Junior Company
Wicked Witch of the West: Jacquelyn Piro Donovan
Scarecrow: Jim Walton
Crow: Craig Blake
Crow: Eric Anthony Johnson
Crow: Stanley Martin
Tree: Ivory McKay
Tinman: Shannon Stoeke
Cowardly Lion: Jamie Torcellini
Poppy: Kim Arnett
Poppy: Theresa Murray
Poppy: Lisa Rohinsky
Poppy: Kristen J. Smith
Snowflake: Jeanne Marie Jacobsen
Snowflake: Junior Company
Emerald City Guard: Bill Nolte
Ozian: Ensemble
Ozian: Kate Brugger
Ozian: Camryn Elias
Ozian: Nina Kneitel
Ozian: Jillie Kate Randle
Ozian: Emily Schofield
Ozian: Emily Trnka
Wizard of Oz: Bill Nolte
Winkie General: Doug Carfrae
Winkies: Ensemble
Winkies: Junior Company
Nikko (Commander of the Monkeys): Andrew Wilson
Monkey: Zonya Love
Monkey: John B. Williford
Jitterbug: Craig Blake
Jitterbug: Jeanne Marie Jacobsen
Jitterbug: Eric Anthony Johnson
Jitterbug: Stanley Martin
Jitterbug: Ivory McKay
Jitterbug: Theresa Murray
Jitterbug: Lisa Rohinsky
Jitterbug: Kristen J. Smith
Ensemble: Kim Arnett
Ensemble: Craig Blake
Ensemble: Jeanne Marie Jacobsen
Ensemble: Eric Anthony Johnson
Ensemble: Zonya Love
Ensemble: Stanley Martin
Ensemble: Ivory McKay
Ensemble: Theresa Murray
Ensemble: Lisa Rohinsky
Ensemble: Kristen J. Smith
Ensemble: John B. Williford
Ensemble: Andrew Wilson
Junior Company: Ben Ainley-Zoll
Junior Company: Jonna Batten
Junior Company: Kate Brugger
Junior Company: Camryn Elias
Junior Company: Nikole Faring
Junior Company: Hadley Granger
Junior Company: Lindsay Hatch
Junior Company: Olivia Ingram
Junior Company: Nathalie Keller
Junior Company: Nina Kneitel
Junior Company: Jackson Margolis
Junior Company: Jillie Kate Randle
Junior Company: Emily Schofield
Junior Company: Elana Jane Sogard
Junior Company: Noa Solorio
Junior Company: Megan Spangler
Junior Company: Emily Trnka
Junior Company: Casey Wathen

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Accessibility Listing

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