Music Circus

The King and I

AUGUST 6 – 11, 2013

Broadway At Music Circus at the Wells Fargo Pavilion


Director: Stafford Arima
Choreographer: Bob Richard
Musical Director: Craig Barna
Costume Designer: Marcy Froehlich
Scenic Designer: Stephen Gifford
Lighting Designer: Martin E. Vreeland
Sound Designer: Robert Sereno
Hair, Wig and Makeup Designer: Christine Conklin
Properties Designer: Michael Peters
Production Stage Manager: Craig A. Horness
Assistant Stage Manager: Jill Gold

Captain Orton: Ron Wisniski
Louis Leonowens: Carter Thomas
Anna Leonowens: Christiane Noll
The Interpreter: Ray A. Rochelle
The Kralahome: Alan Ariano
The King of Siam: Paul Nakauchi
Phra Alack: Freddy Ramirez
Lun Tha: Telly Leung
Tuptim: Diane Veronica Phelan
Royal Wife: Carol Angeli
Royal Wife: Katie Boren
Royal Wife: Alysia Chang
Royal Wife: Louise Marie Cornillez
Royal Wife: Linda Igarashi
Royal Wife: Bety Le
Royal Wife: Azumi Milligan
Royal Wife: Rumi Oyama
Royal Wife: Michiko Takemasa
Royal Wife: Jessica Wu
Lady Thiang: Tami Swartz
Royal Children: Serena Feniger
Royal Children: Mario Fong
Royal Children: Emery Holmer
Royal Children: Imani Holmer
Royal Children: Kana’i Chaves-Kalama
Royal Children: Andrew Matayoshi
Royal Children: Grace Matayoshi
Royal Children: Ayanna Navarro
Royal Children: Jacob Navas
Royal Children: Kayleen Nguyen
Royal Children: Ian Stocker
Royal Children: Lisette Velandia
Prince Chulalongkorn: Andrew Apy
Princess Ying Yaowalak : Ayanna Navarro
Priest and Guard: Luis Avila
Priest and Guard: Garrick Macatangay
Priest and Guard: Stanley Martin
Priest and Guard: Freddy Ramirez
Priest and Guard: Ray A. Rochelle
Priest and Guard: Christopher Shin
Sir Edward Ramsay: Michael Stevenson
Uncle Thomas: Carol Angeli
Little Eva: Azumi Milligan
Topsy: Katie Boren
Eliza: Michiko Takemasa
Simon of Legree: Luis Avila
Lover George: Rumi Oyama
Royal Dancer: Alysia Chang
Royal Dancer: Bety Le
Royal Dancer: Garrick Macatangay
Royal Dancer: Freddy Ramirez
Royal Dancer: Jessica Wu
Royal Singer: Louise Marie Cornillez
Royal Singer: Linda Igarashi
Prop Man: Stanley Martin
Prop Man: Ray A. Rochelle
Prop Man: Christopher Shin

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Accessibility Listing

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