Broadway Sacramento

Priscilla Queen of the Desert

NOVEMBER 5 – 10, 2013

Broadway On Tour presented at the Sacramento Community Center Theater

Director: Simon Philips
Choreographer: Ross Coleman
Music Supervision & Arrangements: Stephen Murphy
Bus Concept & Production Design: Brian Thomson
Costume Design: Tim Chappel
Costume Design: Lizzy Gardiner
Original Broadway Lighting Design: Nick Schlieper
Sound Design: Jonathan Deans
Sound Design: Peter Fitzgerald
Makeup Design: Cassie Hanlon
National Tour Lighting Design: Nick Schlieper
National Tour Lighting Design: Jonathan Spencer
Orchestrations: Stephen Murphy
Orchestrations: Charlie Hull
Music Director: Brent Frederick
Music Coordinator: Talitha Fehr
North American Music Supervisor: Jeff Marder
Production Stage Manager: Tom Bartlett
Executive Producer: Randall A. Buck
General Manager: Townsend Teague
Technical Supervisor: MB Productions
Direction Based Upon the New York Direction: David Hyslop
Choreography Recreation: Joshua Buscher

Diva: Emily Afton
Diva: Bre Jackson
Diva: Brit West
Tick (Mitzi): Wade McCollum
Miss Understanding: Nikki Alexzander
Marion: Christy Faber
Benji: Shane Davis
Benji: Will B.
Farrah/Young Bernadette: Travis Taber
Bernadette: Scott Willis
Adam (Felicia): Bryan West
Shirley: Babs Rubenstein
Jimmy: Taurean Everett
Bob: Joe Hart
Cynthia: Chelsea Zeno
Frank: David Koch
Ensemble: Emily Afton
Ensemble: Nikki Alexzander
Ensemble: Andrew Chappelle
Ensemble: Alex Deleo
Ensemble: Taurean Everett
Ensemble: Christy Faber
Ensemble: Bre Jackson
Ensemble: Chris Klink
Ensemble: David Koch
Ensemble: Neal Mayer
Ensemble: Alex Ringler
Ensemble: Babs Rubenstein
Ensemble: Travis Taber
Ensemble: Brit West
Ensemble: Chelsea Zeno
Swing: Amy Hillner Larsen
Swing: Ralph Meitzler
u/s Divas: Christy Faber
u/s Divas: Amy Hillner Larsen
u/s Divas: Babs Rubestein
u/s Divas: Chelsea Zeno
u/s Marion: Emily Afton
u/s Marion: Amy Hillner Larsen
u/s Shirley: Emily Afton
u/s Shirley: Amy Hillner Larsen
u/s Cynthia: Amy Hillner Larsen
u/s Tick (Mitzi): Chris Klink
u/s Tick (Mitzi): Ralph Meitzler
u/s Miss Understanding: Andrew Chappelle
u/s Miss Understanding: Taurean Everett
u/s Farrah/Young Bernadette: Ralph Meitzler
u/s Farrah/Young Bernadette: Alex Ringler
u/s Bernadette: David Koch
u/s Bernadette: Neal Mayer
u/s Adam (Felicia): Alex Deleo
u/s Adam (Felicia): Alex Ringler
u/s Jimmy: Nik Alexzander
u/s Jimmy: Andrew Chappelle
u/s Bob: David Koch
u/s Bob: Neal Mayer
u/s Frank: Neal Mayer
u/s Frank: Raplh Meitzler

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Accessibility Listing

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