Broadway Sacramento

Mary Poppins

JUNE 2 – 19, 2011

Broadway On Tour presented at the Sacramento Community Center Theater


Director: Richard Eyre
Co-Director and Choreographer: Matthew Bourne
Original Direction Adaption: James Powell
Associate Choreographer and Original Choreography Adaption: Geoffrey Garratt
Tour Director: Anthony Lyn
Music Supervisor: David Caddick
Music Director: Daniel Bowling
Orchestrations: William David Brohn
Sound Design: Steve Canyon Kennedy
Dance and Vocal Arrangements: George Stiles
Co-Choreographer: Stephen Mear
Scenic and Costume Design: Bob Crowley
Lighting Design: Howard Harrison
Makeup Design: Naomi Donne
Associate Costume Design: Christine Rowland
Associate Scenic Design: Rosalind Coombes
Associate Scenic Design: Matt Kinley
Associate Scenic Design (US): Bryan Johnson
Technical Supervision: David Benken
Production Stage Manager: Jimmie Lee Smith

Bert: Nicholas Dromard
George Banks: Laird Mackintosh
Winifred Banks: Blythe Wilson
Jane Banks: Camille Mancuso
Jane Banks: Marissa Smoker
Michael Banks: Talon Ackerman
Michael Banks: Tyler Merna
Katie Nanna: Molly Garner
Policeman: Chuck Rea
Miss Lark: Debra Cardona
Admiral Boom: Michael McCarty
Mrs. Brill: Rachel Izen
Robertson Ay: Dennis Moench
Mary Poppins: Steffanie Leigh
Park Keeper: Michael Dean Morgan
Neleus: Josh Assor
Queen Victoria: Q. Smith
Bank Chairman: Michael McCarty
Miss Smythe: Q. Smith
Von Hussler: Mark Harapiak
Northbrook: Eric Coles
Bird Woman: Janet MacEwen
Mrs. Corry: Michelle E. White
Valentine: Eric Hatch
Miss Andrew: Q. Smith
Ensemble: Josh Assor
Ensemble: Kiara Bennett
Ensemble: Jacob ben Widmar
Ensemble: Elizabeth Broadhurst
Ensemble: Arielle Campbell
Ensemble: Debra Cardona
Ensemble: Eric Coles
Ensemble: Anthony Christian Daniel
Ensemble: Tyler Foy
Ensemble: Molly Garner
Ensemble: Eric Giancola
Ensemble: Mark Harapiak
Ensemble: Eric Hatch
Ensemble: Stephanie Martignetti
Ensemble: Koh Mochizuki
Ensemble: Michael Dean Morgan
Ensemble: Chuck Rea
Ensemble: Nic Thompson
Ensemble: Rachel Wallace
Ensemble: Michelle E. White
Ensemble: Neka Zang
Swing: Elizabeth Earley
Swing: Geoffrey Goldberg
Swing: Lisa Kassay
Swing: Jesse Swimm
u/s Mary Poppins: Elizabeth Broadhurst
u/s Mary Poppins: Rachel Wallace
u/s Bert: Eric Coles
u/s Bert: Jesse Swimm
u/s George Banks: Mark Harapiak
u/s George Banks: Michael Dean Morgan
u/s George Banks: Chuck Rea
u/s Winifred Banks: Elizabeth Broadhurst
u/s Winifred Banks: Stephanie Martignetti
u/s Winifred Banks: Rachel Wallace
u/s Mrs. Brill: Debra Cardona
u/s Mrs. Brill: Molly Garner
u/s Robertson Ay: Jacob ben Widmar
u/s Robertson Ay: Eric Giancola
u/s Bird Woman: Debra Cardona
u/s Bird Woman: Michelle E. White
u/s Miss Andrew/Queen Victoria/Miss Smythe: Elizabeth Broadhurst
u/s Miss Andrew/Queen Victoria/Miss Smythe: Debra Cardona
u/s Miss Andrew/Queen Victoria/Miss Smythe: Michelle E. White
u/s Admiral Boom/Chairman: Mark Harapiak
u/s Admiral Boom/Chairman: Michael Dean Morgan
u/s Admiral Boom/Chairman: Chuck Rea
u/s Mrs. Corry: Kiara Bennett
u/s Mrs. Corry: Elizabeth Earley
u/s Katie Nanna: Kiara Bennett
u/s Katie Nanna: Elizabeth Earley
u/s Katie Nanna: Lisa Kassay
u/s Miss Lark: Elizabeth Broadhurst
u/s Miss Lark: Molly Garner
u/s Miss Lark: Lisa Kassay
u/s Neleus: Anthony Christian Daniel
u/s Neleus: Eric Hatch
u/s Von Hussler: Koh Mochizuki
u/s Von Hussler: Jesse Swimm
u/s Northbrook: Tyler Foy
u/s Northbrook: Geoffrey Goldberg
u/s Policeman: Geoffrey Goldberg
u/s Policeman: Mark Harapiak
u/s Policeman: Jesse Swimm
u/s Park Keeper: Mark Harapiak
u/s Park Keeper: Chuck Rea
u/s Park Keeper: Jesse Swimm
u/s Valentine: Jacob ben Widmar
u/s Valentine: Geoffrey Goldberg

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Accessibility Listing

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