Broadway Sacramento

Mamma Mia!

MARCH 13 – 13, 2012

Broadway On Tour presented at the Sacramento Community Center Theater


Director: Phyllida Lloyd
Choreographer: Anthony Van Laast
Musical Supervisor, Additional Material & Arrangements: Martin Koch
Music Director: Bill Congdon
Production Design: Mark Thompson
Lighting Design: Howard Harrison
Sound Design: Andrew Bruce
Sound Design: Bobby Aitken
Associate Music Director: Elaine Davidson
Music Coordinator: Talitha Fehr
Music Coordinator: TL Music International Ltd.

Sophie Sheridan: Chloe Tucker
Ali: Stephanie Barnum
Lisa: Elena Marisa Flores
Tanya: Alison Ewing
Rosie: Mary Callanan
Donna Sheridan: Kaye Tuckerman
Sky: Happy Mahaney
Pepper: Ethan Le Phong
Eddie: James Michael Lambert
Harry Bright: Paul DeBoy
Bill Austin: John-Michael Zuerlein
Sam Carmichael: Christian Whelan
Father Alexandrios: Brian Ray Norris
Ensemble: Jeff Applegate
Ensemble: Justin Berkobien
Ensemble: Julius Chase
Ensemble: Jeff Diebold
Ensemble: Thomasina E. Gross
Ensemble: Alyson Lange
Ensemble: Marlene Martinez
Ensemble: Stefanie Morse
Ensemble: Brian Ray Norris
Ensemble: Elena Ricardo
Ensemble: Christopher Sergeeff
Ensemble: Jennifer Swiderski
Ensemble: Travis Taber
Ensemble: Michelle Weissgerber
Swing: Rachel Macisaac
Swing: Christopher Hudson Myers
Swing: Tera-Lee Pollin
Swing: Troy Woodcroft
u/s Sophie Sheridan: Stephanie Barnum
u/s Sophie Sheridan: Alyson Lange
u/s Ali: Thomasina E. Gross
u/s Ali: Alyson Lange
u/s Lisa: Marlene Martinez
u/s Lisa: Elena Ricardo
u/s Tanya: Stefanie Morse
u/s Tanya: Jennifer Swiderski
u/s Tanya: Michelle Weissgerber
u/s Rosie: Stefanie Morse
u/s Rosie: Jennifer Swiderski
u/s Donna Sheridan: Jennifer Swiderski
u/s Donna Sheridan: Michelle Weissgerber
u/s Sky: Justin Berkobien
u/s Sky: Travis Taber
u/s Pepper: Julius Chase
u/s Pepper: Christopher Hudson Myers
u/s Pepper: Christopher Sergeeff
u/s Eddie: Julius Chase
u/s Eddie: Christopher Sergeeff
u/s Harry Bright: Jeff Applegate
u/s Harry Bright: Brian Ray Norris
u/s Sam Carmichael: Jeff Applegate
u/s Sam Carmichael: Jeff Diebold
u/s Father Alexandrios: Jeff Applegate
u/s Father Alexandrios: Jeff Diebold

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Accessibility Listing

*Broadway Sacramento offers many services for Broadway At Music Circus and Broadway On Tour shows to help provide access and to promote the inclusion of our patrons with disabilities. For more information visit our Accessibility page.