Broadway Sacramento

In the Heights

NOVEMBER 3 – 14, 2010

Broadway On Tour presented at the Sacramento Community Center Theater


Director: Thomas Kail
Choreographer: Andy Blankenbuehler
Music Supervisor: Alex Lacamoire
Set Design: Anna Louizos
Costume Design: Paul Tazewell
Lighting Design: Howell Binkley
Sound Design: Acme Sound Partners
Arrangements & Orchestrations: Alex Lacamoire
Arrangements & Orchestrations: Bill Sherman
Music Coordinator: Michael Keller
Music Director: Justin Mendoza
Technical Supervisor: Brian Lynch
Production Stage Manager: Marian Dewitt

Graffiti Pete: Jose-Luis Lopez
Usnavi: Joseph Morales
Piragua Guy: David Baida
Abuela Claudia: Elise Santora
Carla: Ana Nogueira
Daniela: April Ortiz
Kevin: Danny Bolero
Camilla: Natalie Toro
Sonny: Chris Chatman
Benny: Nicholas Christopher
Vanessa: Lexi Lawson
Nina: Genny Lis Padilla
Ensemble: Sandy Alvarez
Ensemble: David Baida
Ensemble: Christina Black
Ensemble: Oscar Cheda
Ensemble: Natalie Caruncho
Ensemble: Dewitt Cooper III
Ensemble: Tami Dahbura
Ensemble: Wilkie Ferguson
Ensemble: Rayanne Gonzales
Ensemble: Rebecca Kritzer
Ensemble: Joel Perez
Ensemble: Carlos Salazar
Swing: Brandon Contreras
Swing: Karlee Ferreira
Swing: Michael Fielder
Swing: Morgan Matayoshi
Swing: Nancy Ticotin
u/s Usnavi: Chris Chatman
u/s Usnavi: Joel Perez
u/s Abuela Claudia: Tami Dahbura
u/s Abuela Claudia: Rayanne Gonzales
u/s Abuela Claudia: April Ortiz
u/s Abuela Claudia: Nancy Ticotin
u/s Nina: Natalie Caruncho
u/s Nina: Ana Nogueira
u/s Benny: Dewitt Cooper III
u/s Benny: Wilkie Ferguson
u/s Camila: Tami Dahbura
u/s Camila: Rayanne Gonzales
u/s Camila: Nancy Ticotin
u/s Kevin: David Baida
u/s Kevin: Oscar Cheda
u/s Vanessa: Natalie Caruncho
u/s Vanessa: Ana Nogueira
u/s Vanessa: Genny Lis Padilla
u/s Daniela: Tami Dahbura
u/s Daniela: Rayanne Gonzales
u/s Daniela: Nancy Ticotin
u/s Carla: Natalie Caruncho
u/s Carla: Morgan Matayoshi
u/s Sonny: Sandy Alvarez
u/s Sonny: Brandon Contreras
u/s Sonny: Joel Perez
u/s Graffiti Pete: Brandon Contreras
u/s Graffiti Pete: Carlos Salazar
u/s Piragua Guy : Oscar Cheda
u/s Piragua Guy : Joel Perez

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Accessibility Listing

*Broadway Sacramento offers many services for Broadway At Music Circus and Broadway On Tour shows to help provide access and to promote the inclusion of our patrons with disabilities. For more information visit our Accessibility page.