Broadway Sacramento

Billy Elliot

APRIL 9 – 14, 2013

Broadway On Tour presented at the Sacramento Community Center Theater

Director: Stephen Daldry
Choreographer: Peter Darling
Music Director: Bill Congdon
Costume Designer: Nicky Gillibrand
Lighting Designer: Rick Fisher
Sound Designer: Paul Arditti
Set Designer: Ian MacNeil
Hair, Wig and Make-up Designer: Bernie Ardia
Costume Coordinator: Jimm Halliday
Technical Supervisor: Hector Guivas
Technical Supervisor: Jason Juenker
Production Stage Manager: Gregory R. Covert
Supervising Resident Director: Steven Minning
Resident Director: Aaron Gonzalez
Resident Choreographer: Adam Pelty
Creative/Design Supervisor: Edward Pierce
Associate Costume Designer (US): Rachel Attridge
Associate Costume Designer (UK): Claire Murphy
Associate Lighting Designer: Kristina Kloss
Associate Lighting Designer: Daniel Walker
Associate Sound Designer: Tony Smolenski IV
Associate Director (US): Justin Martin
Associate Director: Julian Webber
Associate Choreographer: Kathryn Dunn
Associate Choreographer: Allison Levenberg
Musical Supervision and Orchestrations: Martin Koch
Music Supervision (US): David Chase

Billy: Ben Cook
Billy: Drew Minard
Billy: Noah Parets
Billy: Mitchell Tobin
Mrs. Wilkinson: Janet Dickinson
Dad: Rich Hebert
Grandma: Patti Perkins
Tony: Cullen R. Titmas
George: Joel Blum
Michael: Jake Kitchin
Michael: Sam Poon
Debbie: Samantha Blaire Cutler
Small Boy: Cal Alexander
Big Davey: Craig Bennett
Lesley: Danielle Kelsey
Scab/Posh Dad: Tim Funnell
Mum: Molly Garner
Mr. Braithwaite: Patrick Wetzel
Tracey Atkinson: Rebecca Marlowe
Older Billy/Scottish Dancer: Maximilien A. Baud
Mr. Wilkinson: Joel Newsome
Pit Official: David Light
Postman: Damien Brett
Tall Boy/Posh Boy: Jake Kitchin
Tall Boy/Posh Boy: Sam Poon
Accordian Specialty: Damien Brett
Clipboard Woman: Cara Massey
Audition Panel: Sasha Ely-Judkins
Audition Panel: Susan Haefner
Audition Panel: Jillian Rees-Brown
Audition Panel: Patrick Wetzel
Audition Panel: Branch Woodman
“Expressing Yourself” Dancer: Damien Brett
“Expressing Yourself” Dancer: Tim Funnell
“Expressing Yourself” Dancer: Christopher M. Howard
“Expressing Yourself” Dancer: Danielle Kelsey
“Expressing Yourself” Dancer: Patrick Lavallee
“Expressing Yourself” Dancer: David Light
“Expressing Yourself” Dancer: Jeffrey Pew
Ensemble: Paul Aguirre
Ensemble: Maximilien A. Baud
Ensemble: Craig Bennett
Ensemble: Damien Brett
Ensemble: Tim Funnell
Ensemble: Molly Garner
Ensemble: Christopher M. Howard
Ensemble: Danielle Kelsey
Ensemble: Patrick Lavallee
Ensemble: David Light
Ensemble: Cara Massey
Ensemble: Joel Newsome
Ensemble: Jeffrey Pew
Ensemble: Jillian Rees-Brown
Ensemble: Patrick Wetzel
Ballet Girl: Madison Barnes
Ballet Girl: Jhailyn Farcon
Ballet Girl: Rebecca Marlowe
Ballet Girl: Kaitlyn Mueller
Ballet Girl: Brittany Nicholas
Ballet Girl: Yanna Nikitas
Ballet Girl: Carly Tamer
Ballet Girl: Brionna Trilling
Swing: Richard Gatta
Swing: Marisa Kennedy
Swing: Rebecca Marlowe
Swing: Adam Pelty
Swing: Colin Pritchard
Swing: Peyton Royal
Swing: Sofia Roma Rubino
Swing: Alison Solomon
u/s Mrs. Wilkinson: Molly Garner
u/s Mrs. Wilkinson: Cara Massey
u/s Dad: Craig Bennett
u/s Dad: Joel Blum
u/s Grandma: Cara Massey
u/s Grandma: Jillian Rees-Brown
u/s Tony: Tim Funnell
u/s Tony: David Light
u/s Tony: Jeffrey Pew
u/s George: Craig Bennett
u/s George: Joel Newsome
u/s Debbie: Madison Barnes
u/s Debbie: Rebecca Marlowe
u/s Small Boy: Sofia Roma Rubino
u/s Big Davey: Paul Aguirre
u/s Big Davey: Damien Brett
u/s Big Davey: Colin Pritchard
u/s Mum: Danielle Kelsey
u/s Mum: Cara Massey
u/s Mr. Braithwaite: Paul Aguirre
u/s Mr. Braithwaite: Damien Brett
u/s Older Billy/Scottish Dancer: Richard Gatta
u/s Older Billy/Scottish Dancer: Christopher M. Howard
u/s Older Billy/Scottish Dancer: Adam Pelty

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Accessibility Listing

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