Music Circus

Big River

JUNE 23 – 28, 2015

Broadway At Music Circus at the Wells Fargo Pavilion


Director: Michael Heitzman
Choreographer: AC Ciulla
Music Director: Andrew Bryan
Costume Designer: Marcy Froehlich
Lighting Designer: Pamila Gray
Scenic Designer: Scott Klier
Associate Scenic Designer: Jamie Kumpf
Sound Designer: Joe Caruso, Jr.
Hair, Wig and Makeup Designer: Christine Conklin
Properties Designer: Laura A. Walters
Production Stage Manager: Craig A. Horness
Assistant Stage Manager: Caitlin Sapunor-Davis

Mark Twain: Shannon Stoeke
Huckleberry Finn: Ben Fankhauser
Jim: Phillip Boykin
Miss Watson: Angelina Sark
Widow Douglas: Mary Jo Mecca
Judge Thatcher: Doug Carfrae
Pap Finn: Rich Hebert
Tom Sawyer: James Michael Lambert
Ben Rodgers: Sam Tanabe
Simon: Dennis O’Bannion
Jo Harper: Michael McGurk
Dick: Andy Richardson
Strange Woman: Angelina Sark
White Overseer: Doug Carfrae
White Overseer: Dennis O’Bannion
Slave: Chanel Edwards-Frédérick
Slave: Ivory McKay
Slave: Omari Tau
Slave: Jennifer Leigh Warren
Men on Dock: Andy Richardson
Men on Dock: Shannon Stoeke
King: William Parry
Duke: Jeff Skowron
Posse: Michael McGurk
Posse: Dennis O’Bannion
Posse: Andy Richardson
Lafe: Shannon Stoeke
Hank: Sam Tanabe
Andy: Andy Richardson
Tart: Danielle Hansen
Tart: Lizzie Klemperer
Tart: Mary Jo Mecca
Tart: Angelina Sark
Young Fool: Dennis O’Bannion
Mary Jane Wilkes: Lizzie Klemperer
Susan Wilkes: Angelina Sark
Joanna Wilkes: Danielle Hansen
Counselor Robinson: Shannon Stoeke
Alice: Jennifer Leigh Warren
Alice’s Daughter: Chanel Edwards-Frédérick
Hooded Man: James Michael Lambert
Hooded Man: Michael McGurk
Hooded Man: Dennis O’Bannion
Hooded Man: Andy Richardson
Hooded Man: Sam Tanabe
Sheriff Bell: Rich Hebert
Harvey Wilkes: Doug Carfrae
Mover: Michael McGurk
Mover: Andy Richardson
Sally Phelps: Mary Jo Mecca
Silas Phelps: Doug Carfrae
Doctor: Shannon Stoeke
Hired Hand: Michael McGurk
Hired Hand: Dennis O’Bannion
Hired Hand: Andy Richardson
Hired Hand: Sam Tanabe
Ensemble: Doug Carfrae
Ensemble: Chanel Edwards-Frédérick
Ensemble: Danielle Hansen
Ensemble: Rich Hebert
Ensemble: Lizzie Klemperer
Ensemble: James Michael Lambert
Ensemble: Michael McGurk
Ensemble: Ivory McKay
Ensemble: Mary Jo Mecca
Ensemble: Dennis O’Bannion
Ensemble: Andy Richardson
Ensemble: Angelina Sark
Ensemble: Shannon Stoeke
Ensemble: Sam Tanabe
Ensemble: Omari Tau
Ensemble: Jennifer Leigh Warren

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Accessibility Listing

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